The wonderful culture of the Tamilnadu is brilliantly expressed through the music of the people of this region. Tamil music is very popular in India, so popular that most of the music produced get’s into the even more popular Tamil movies.

In this article, we are going to review the top 10 Tamil songs for 2024.

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1.   Merkilae Merkilae , Joshua Sridhar

Merkilae Merkilae is the first song of Joshua Sridhar’s new album, July Kaatril. Merkilae Merkilae has a breezy melody with a certain groove to it that the composer very much nails it on the head. Very popular in India, Merkilae Merkilae has a 2000s vibe to it with guitar portions that add to the overall charm.

2.   Va Va Penne

Va Va Penne has been described by Indian media as a classical melody that touches the hearts of listeners. Singer “slash” violinist Govind Menon has managed to capture the hearts of his Tamil audience through his latest masterpiece Va Va Penne which we’re definitely certain will keep its place on the Tamil charts for the next few months.

3.   Lesa Valichudha, Jasmine

Lesa Valichudha got its fame from the popular movie Jasmine. The singers, C. Sathya, and Sid Sriram, beautifully tell the story of Jasmine, which is a symbol of women empowerment overshadowed by horrors.

4.   Kaatre Kaatre, Joshua Sridhar

Yet another Joshua Sridhar song on this list, Kaatre Kaatre is also a song from the mega popular romantic comedy film by KC, July Kaatril. Kaatre Kaatre is an uplifting song made only possible by Sathyaprakash’s brilliant singing, according to isaimini.

5.   Aalankuruvigalaa, D Imaan

Aalankuruvigalaa is a song from an upcoming film, Bakrid. And although the film is not out yet, the song is a major hit. The singer, Sid Sriram, is a simple song that has warmed the hearts of many listeners. The song starts with a gloomy note but managed to pick up by the third line and leave you in tears at the end.

6.   Andavane Thunai, Simon K King

This song is from the movie Kolaigaran, which is a hit in Tamil box office. This song is bound to get you pumped up for any occasion as the melody in combination with the drums does a damn fine job of it. An instant hit on the musical charts, we can’t see it going away any time soon.

7.   Kadhal Psycho, Anirugh Ravichander

Anirugh Ravichander has produced yet another masterpiece in Kadhal Psycho, even better than his very own bestseller Kolaveri. But this song is so good that has managed to overshadow one of the most celebrated romantic songs in Bollywood history through the use of excellent vocals and stunning melodies.

8.   Kannamma, Pradeep Kumar, Dhee

The duo Pradeep Kumar and Dhee have released a song that many listeners cannot describe. Their vocals are in perfect sync with the lyrics from Uma Devi, the bass of Mani, and the strings of Keba Jeremiah and Joseph Vijay. An instant hit with Tamil listeners, this song is a true inspiration for many.

9.   Thaarame Thaarame, Vikram

Thaarame Thaarame, a song composed by Ghibran, was released recently with the debut of the movie Kodram Kondan. The action film featuring Chiyaan, Akshara Haasan, Abi Hassan, Lena, and a host of other Bollywood superstars, is only second to the melodic masterpiece that is Thaarame Thaarame.

10. Single Pasanga, Hip Hop Adi

Hip Hop Adi has released yet another hit for the youth in the form of Single Pasanga which is part of the upcoming movie Natpe Thunai. Hip Hop Adi does everything right by the book, especially with the non-stop promotion of his new album Tamil and Jallikattu. This song deservedly gets our last place for the best Tamil songs of 2024, and for a good reason too.