Are you thinking about getting your girlfriend a present that will surprise her? We all know that buying presents can be overwhelming and time-consuming, however, it does not have to be. It will basically depend on what type of person your better half is, whether she is an Instagram addict, gamer, athlete, fashionista, or a book nerd you will be able to find something in this article that will suit her.

Also, keep in mind that the occasion is important as well. It might be a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or just a random day that you want to make her feel special, it is important. Here is a list of the top 15 things to buy your partner as a gift:

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Luxurious candles

Nothing makes a woman feel luxury like some nice, scented candles. They will be able to turn a usual bath into a real spa experience, a night at home into a romantic date, and basically, it will be able to boost the atmosphere no matter the activity. Plus, they do look pretty as decoration.

Jewelry that is not the typical one

If you see something that is being advertised, do not buy it right away. What we learned from, unique gifts have a significantly higher worth to the one who is receiving it. This will show that you truly know the person. You will want to choose a piece of jewelry that will be special to her and that no one else will have, hence it is better if you get her custom jewelry with some engravings. Perhaps you could engrave her favorite quote, or the date of your anniversary if that is why you are buying the present.

A Victoria’s Secret gift certificate

This is perhaps one of the gifts that makes all women happy. However, do not insist on going to the store with her. Just gift her the card and let her choose something that will make her feel comfortable, happy, and confident.

A framed photo of the two of you

Do not think as this gift as a cheesy one. With all the technological advances today, we usually settle for a digital copy of the pictures and people do not often print out pictures anymore. Hence, printing out a picture of the two of you and choosing a nice frame to go with it is something that she will appreciate and be happy with.

Fitbit Charge 3

Not only will this help her track her steps, but it will also track her sleep patterns, calories burned, and heart rate. It will also allow her to exercise while receiving calls, alerts, and text messages. If your girlfriend loves going to the gym and exercising, this will make it easier for her, as well as you, since you will no longer have to search for the perfect gift for your athletic partner.

A Star Map

Why not get her personalized Star Maps on the day she will never want to forget? You will be able to print out the exact starts in the sky on a specific day and location. Hence, if you are getting her an anniversary gift, you can print out how the stars were aligned that day or if you are buying her a birthday gift, you can get her the star alignment of the day she was born.

Good Housekeeping Cookbook: 1.200 Triple-tested recipes

If your partner enjoys preparing food, this cookbook which is filled with 1.200 recipes will be perfect for her. What might be a good idea is to actually bookmark a recipe that you will want to prepare together during date nights, hence you will get something out of this book as well.  If cooking sounds like a tiresome idea to the both of you, you may always order a box of ready-to-be-eaten premium dates offered by Bateel boutiques by clicking here.

100 Movies scratch off the poster

You could consider this gift to actually be for both of you. This poster is perfect for date night and you will be able to watch a movie together and then scratch it off. It has 100 movies on it, so you will be able to have endless fun in completing this poster.


Buying a gift can be time-consuming, but the first thing you should consider is what she likes and what she needs. After you have figured that out, everything will be easier for you.