Retro – how much nostalgia for the old days in this world, when people could still “plant a kinescope” playing on ordinary consoles, like Sega, Dandy, or Subor. We are talking about retro games that come yearly in huge numbers and gather armies of players around them. And although this technique has long sunk into oblivion, its spirit continues to live to this day.

Regardless if you’re playing through classic adventure or fast-paced racing games, retro gaming can offer an amazing variety for any player regardless of age or genre preference. It provides gamers with an opportunity to explore a world before multiplayer shooters or free-roaming RPGs. Experiencing nuanced tales from which modern classics were sparked gives context for our current expectations in regard to digital entertainment experiences.

Platformers, sandbox games, action-adventure games, shooters, arcade games, and many other genres can all have a retro twist. Often they are united not only by pixel graphics but also by mechanics, as in classic projects from the 90s. Such projects have gained great popularity because of their simplicity, easy presentation of the plot, and atmosphere. Today, your attention is 5 best retro video games on PC, console, and Android.

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Retro Games: What is it and How to Play

Retro games, or old-school games, are designed for older consoles and computers. They are based on video game systems that are outdated or have been discontinued. Thanks to emulation on modern hardware, you can find both retro games on PC and retro games on Android.



DOOM is the best retro game ever. These mobile ports are faithful recreations of the originals with a few extra features, like 20 community-created levels in addition to the original campaign. In terms of gameplay, this is classic DOOM. Players run around the level, kill enemies and advance through the game. Besides being fun, the ports are well done, and people love these games. That’s true, as Bethesda fixed many early bugs, although complaining about bugs and bugs was less common in the past because it was hard to play something like DOOM.

Star Wars: KOTOR

Star Wars KOTOR I and II were two of the most iconic retro games fun RPGs of the early 2000s. The games had deep storylines, lots of customization, and plenty of storytelling options. You can choose to make your character good or evil, which changes the game’s end depending on your decisions. The game doesn’t look great by today’s standards. The graphics are a bit rough, and the movement is a bit slow. However, in most of today’s games, it is impossible to keep up with the depth of the history of KOTOR, something similar to Dragon Age Origins. Still, the difference in the releases of these games is nine years.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami can be attributed to the best retro fun games in the 2D Top-Down action genre. Devolver Digital also released it a few years before Enter the Gungeon. The game’s plot is divided into several chapters, which are divided into stages.

At the beginning of each of them, the main character listens to encrypted messages on the answering machine, which ask them to complete a certain task in a specified place. These messages are created metaphorically, so the hero has to unravel their meaning. The characters play a key role because their character and conceptual specialty were spelled out simply as a masterpiece. Few studios can boast of this now, but in general, sometimes even outsourcing can make gamers remember characters for a long time.

The ultimate goal of each stage is to kill all opponents with the most suitable weapon. Depending on the conditions for passing the stage, you can use melee, throwing, or firearms. Many call Hotline Miami the best retro game ever, which is hard to disagree with. During the game’s development, the creators were inspired by the cinema of the eighties, especially the movie “Drive.”

Stardew Valley


If you are looking for not only retro games on PC but also retro games for Android, pay attention to Stardew Valley. This is a classic farming simulator with a retro style. The game was developed by Eric Baron and published by Chucklefish.

According to the plot, you will inherit an abandoned farm that can be expanded. Since there are no specific tasks for the players, you can choose what to do on the farm. Statistics show that in 2020, more than 10 million copies were sold across different platforms. It’s amazing how, against shooters and RPGs, a simple farming simulator makes its way to the market. Maybe it’s all about retro graphics and simplicity? Who knows.

Sonic the Hedgehog Classic

SEGA has a bunch of retro Android games in the SEGA Forever collection. Some of the titles include retro games best collection: Sonic the Hedgehog, Altered Beast, etc. Each game has its own mechanics, but they all have one common theme: they are old games from SEGA. But still, the most popular is the beloved blue Sonic, with an amazing plot and characters of the universe. And finally, Sonic completes our top retro games list.

Sonic’s popularity is great, thanks to the various marketing strategies for which SEGA is famous. However, the toys and various merchandise look just as cool as the games about this blue hedgehog. But even so, we are sure that Sonic is a cool character that does not require advertising.


In conclusion, retro games have become a popular method of revisiting old classics and playing new remakes. The nostalgia associated with retro gaming as well as its recent resurgence in late 2024 has made it an attractive option for gamers of all ages. With the numerous platforms that allow players to take part in classic gaming experiences, many individuals now have access to the world’s gaming legacy.