Which is the best approach to rent a flat safely in a foreign country? If you’re moving abroad for pleasure rather than profit, or if your agenda is to explore another region far from motherland before investing in it, it’s proper to rent before you purchase.

Wherever you relocate abroad, renting first gives you an opportunity to try your new destination to confirm if it suits your needs and expectations. Just the same way property buyers should beware in an unfamiliar or new market, so should you if you’re planning to rent a flat in a foreign country.


One of the many difficulties most people encounter when moving overseas is finding a suitable home unit to rent. However, with the right approach and research, renting an apartment overseas can be easier than ever. Here are some incredible tips to keep in mind if you are planning to rent a flat in a foreign country:

Top Tips on How to Rent a Flat Safely in a Foreign Country

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Tip#1: Look for Abroad Accommodation Options on High-Rank Sites

Blog and social media sites are helpful for acquiring general details and a flavor of the particular place you intend to rent in a foreign country. However, if a person you’ve not met before offers you a home unit online at a very pocket-friendly price meant to be transacted via credit card, steer clear! Though you may get a virtuous offer, it is essential you take time and research before you approve it since it will be hard to recover from it in case it’s a scam.

The best way to search for a flat online is to look for abroad accommodation options being marketed on high-rank sites like Booking.com.


Tip#2: Do Not Pay All the Required Amount in Advance

If you will find a flat available for rent that you believe suits your needs, it’s important you make a little prepayment to serve as a guarantee you will visit. Regardless of how the site marketing abroad accommodation options appears to be credible, don’t pay them all sum of cash in advance.

Tip#3: Read Reviews on the Rental Website

Reading reviews on the rental site is an influential part of the buying process. Reviews will help you know why consumers trust the rental site you are cooperating with. They will also help you investigate the reputation of the rental site you’re liaising with.

Tip#4: Confirm if the Accommodation Really Exist

Just because you cannot physically view the flat doesn’t mean you should relax and do nothing. Try to be proactive! Check the address of the home unit you are renting to be certain that the accommodation actually exists in that region. You can also ask for a skype tour to see real pictures of the property and confirm if the owner has rented before.


Tip#5: Check Phone Number of Owners

Spokeo is a phone number lookup service that can enable you to find the location of the owner of the overseas rental you intend to consider. Phone number search can help you investigate the reputation of the owner of the rental or the management firm responsible for the property.

Reverse phone lookup will help you check the phone number of the property owner or for the firm responsible for the management of the property to find out if they are having any criminal records. Courtesy of reverse number lookup, you can carry out a search and reveal mailing addresses that you can use to locate media profiles of the property owner.

When it comes to renting a flat safely in a foreign country, comprehensive research is your best ally. In addition to checking the authenticity of accommodation photos and using phone number lookup services, you can also conduct a who lives at this address to gather more information about the neighborhood and its residents.

This additional step can provide valuable insights into the community, ensuring that your chosen location aligns with your preferences and expectations.

Tip#6: Google the Picture of Accommodation

It is important to check if the photos used to market the accommodation are real so that you can know how the penthouse you’re renting look like or what to expect when you move to your new place overseas.

The best way to confirm the authenticity of the photo is to google the photo of accommodation used to market the flat you intend to rent. This will help you know if the picture used is the actual one of that apartment you opt to rent or if that picture was stolen from another site to lure prospective buyers.


The Bottom Line

In your attempt to rent a flat safely in a foreign country, accept the assistance offered to you, be informed, be patient and most of all be vigilant. Procedures to rent a flat overseas might take longer than at your motherland. However, the perfect accommodation certainly is worth waiting for.