Whether you are looking to sell your home right now or not, there is nothing the matter with looking to increase the value of your property with some smart changes. Last year we sold our home in California and we were aware of this for a good 18 months prior to selling the place.

We took measures which some experts recommended and we were able to add $19,000 to the overall value of the property. As mentioned, it doesn’t matter if you have plans to sell right now or not, there are many aspects which you could look at that will increase property value, and it is worth keeping in mind for any changes that you wish to make anyway.

House buyers are looking for certain things which will increase their interest in your property and also increase the amount of money which they will pay for your property, and in tapping into that, sellers can ensure that they get the most value for the property that they possibly can. Let’s take a look then at some ideas on increasing the value of your home.

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Home Warranty


A solid home warranty from a company like First American Home Warranty will not just give you the protection that you are looking for in your own home, it will also be a very slate feature which you can offer to buyers.

Home warranties are transferable so that the new owners can be sure that they have some good protection for their new home. This will help them to move in without worries and be safe in the knowledge that should anything go wrong with the systems in the home, that they are protected. When looking for a great home warranty company be sure to check out reviews by House Method to make sure you will get great customer service.



People have less and less need for a garage these days which is why it would be a great idea to convert a garage into living space. Make sure that your garage is suitable for a conversion first, as not every garage is.

This is a great option if you have parking outside as you can increase the size of the living space in the property and it is estimated that you will add around 15% on to the value of your property when you convert your garage.

Loft Conversion


Another conversion option which will give you around a 15% increase on the value of your property is to convert a loft into a large living space or additional bedroom. This is much easier than a garage conversion in terms of getting planning permission and if you don’t have parking outside the property you may wish to keep the garage.

New Bathroom


There is little point in getting a new bathroom solely for the purpose of adding value, it will only add between 3-5% onto the value of the property, which of course won’t cover the cost of the bathroom.

If however your bathroom is looking tired and in need of an update anyway then this makes perfect sense and you should go right in and get it done. This will still add value onto the property and it will also increase the salability of the property. People don’t want to buy a home if they know that they are going to have to invest in a new bathroom when they arrive.

Curb Appeal and Details


Adding value to your home is not just about making huge changes that add more space or which makes the home more attractive and the devil is very much in the details here. The first thing to think about is curb appeal, how your home looks from the outside when you pull up, this is greatly important not only becasue it will make an instant impression on the buyer, and they will already be thinking about what the value of the home is.


To increase your curb appeal you have to look at areas like the front harden, the paint job on the property and perhaps even new windows. The goal here is to wow people when they arrive. Inside the home, there are also details which you can look at that will increase both the salability and the value of the property.


Once again these are easy fixes which you can make that will add value, things like changing the sockets and light switches, upgrading the doors and the handles in the property and repainting the skirting boards. All of these minute details make a big difference in the overall value of your property, so make sure that you don’t forget them.

Invest well and add significant value to your property.