We all want to keep our loved ones safe, no matter where they go. The world is a dangerous place where life can get overwhelmingly unpredictable. That’s why many people decide to use modern technology to track each other’s locations via their smartphones. Rarely anyone leaves their house without their phone nowadays, which makes it one of the most reliable tracking devices available today.

If you’d like to learn how to track someone’s phone using GPS technology, then you’ve come to the right place. Here we’ll provide you with some tracking tips that will help you learn your loved one’s location at all times.

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Always seek consent from your loved ones before you decide to track their phone.

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You should never track somebody’s location without their knowledge and approval. Everyone deserves privacy, including your teenagers and young children. Acquiring everyone’s consent before installing the tracking software onto their phones is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, you’re risking losing their trust and damaging your relationship, which is something you’d probably want to avoid.

So, if you’re worried about someone, be it your child or your partner, tell them you’d want to place a tracking app onto their device. Explain your motivation, and let them track your location as well: you never know when you might need it.

If they refuse to let you install the GPS software, there’s not much you can do besides trying to reason with them. Again, try explaining your perspective and your worries without being overly aggressive or persistent, as it’s the best way to come to a mutual understanding.

Use communication apps to track someone’s location.

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In the world of social media and instant messaging, learning someone’s location has become easier than ever. Almost every phone has its own integrated GPS software that can be connected to apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and Telegram.

However, this only works if the person is willing to share their location with you at all times, provided they’re also connected to the internet at the same time.

While this method is less reliable than the others we’ll list down below, it’s still something to consider as it’s less invasive than apps specifically made for tracking. Talk with your loved ones to determine whether this method seems acceptable to them or not, and don’t hesitate to share your location with them as well.

Again, it’s not extremely reliable, but it can work in many cases, especially if you’re dealing with a rebellious teen.

Use a reliable tracking app.

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Today, there is a plethora of GPS tracking and family-monitoring apps you can download for free. These apps come with various features, and their reliability varies depending on the developer in question. We suggest doing careful research and testing the app before you start relying on it.

You can find the best cell spy app examples on websites such as bestcellphonespyapps.com and more. Again, check the reviews and ratings of the apps before you commit to one. If you’d like to have additional monitoring features for your children, you can find those in your App Store or Google Play. Download the apps from official sources and make sure to test them a couple of times to ensure their reliability.

We also recommend trying out different apps until you’ve found what works best for you and your loved ones. Again, as there’s such a wide range of options available, you’ll certainly find what you’ve been looking for.

Social media can be a good source of information.

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Today, people usually tag their locations on their social media when they go out or travel abroad. It’s not a perfect solution, but it can still help you determine where somebody is located in case of an emergency. Besides, as we’ve mentioned before, most social media apps have messaging apps that let you share your location on a map wherever you are. So, all you need to do is ask!

Again, this can be tricky when you need to get ahold of someone’s location quickly and urgently, as it requires the person to be online and available. Still, it’s a good method for non-urgent concerns and small updates between family members.

Integrated Android and iPhone tracking apps.

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All newer Android and iPhone models have their “Find-My-Phone” applications already installed in the system.

You’ll have to acquire their iCloud or Google/Android credentials to access this information. While quite reliable, this method has its downsides as well. Knowing someone’s credentials gives you potential access to data that should stay private in most cases.

Only use this method as a last resort, because it’s far from ideal. If, for instance, your phone gets hacked, you’d be putting someone else’s data at risk and vice versa. Besides, most tracking apps are free and easy to use, so they’re certainly a better choice after all.

Still, it’s good to know this in cases of emergency or losing your smartphone. You can find detailed guides online for both iOS and Android devices, so don’t hesitate to take a look at those!

If everything else fails, invest in a GPS tracking device.

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Now, this especially goes for when you need to track your elderly family members or small children who do not have access to a smartphone. GPS trackers might not be the most comfortable solution, but they can work great in these extreme cases. Prevention is always better than cure, so don’t hesitate to do it if you deem it necessary.

You can also invest in GPS tracker phone masks and similar equipment for an added layer of security.

The bottom line

Tracking somebody’s cellphone via GPS software has become extremely easy nowadays. All you need is the other’s person consent and a reliable tracking application to do it. We suggest looking into all possible options to find what works the best for you: read the available app reviews, try different solutions, and talk things through with your loved ones.

All in all, we hope our article helped you find an easy way to keep your loved ones safe and we wish you good luck in all your future endeavors.