Choosing restaurant furniture may seem like an easy task. In essence, all you need to do is check out several websites or visit a few stores and ultimately buy the items you like the most. However, how they look is not the only one characteristic you should pay attention to, as each item also has a purpose to serve.

Restaurant furnishing ideas can come about from different inspirations and are influenced by several things, such as the type of food the restaurant is serving, the age of the customers you are hoping to attract, and how much space you have available.

If you have no idea what else to look at when evaluating table tops for your restaurant, here’s a short guide on the three most important components — materials, shapes, and styles.

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You’ll agree that wood is the most common material used in the construction of tables. It combines both quality and aesthetics as you can shape it any way you like. However, as wooden table tops can be expensive, laminate ones offer a cheaper alternative with a similar effect.

Another frequently used material is glass. Yet, bear in mind that glass is a sensitive material that can be easily broken, so it’s better to go with smaller-sized options.

Finally, there are metal tabletops that, unlike glass ones, promise durability. They usually come in various designs, but they may be cumbersome and difficult to move around. The same goes for granite and marble — two stones that look really sophisticated when placed on a base.

Ultimately, if any of the downsides of the mentioned materials bother you too much, you can always go for plastic. It is cheap, lightweight, and can be made into various shapes and sizes.

What is more, having a couple of plastic tables at the back of your restaurant is always a good idea, as they can serve as a fantastic replacement tabletop from if something happens to any of your original pieces.

Even if your tables are super high-quality and will last for years, it’s always a good idea to think of how you can replace them. Whether it’s due to age or an emergency, it’s always best to be able to replace parts of your furniture instead of the whole piece. This will save you the headache of trying to find the exact table and also save you money, as buying replacement parts is cheaper than buying a whole new item.


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Making sure you have comfortable and stylish furniture is a must. When looking at furniture, these should be the first two things you think about. Sometimes style is valued over comfort, however, even though both are important, comfort should always come first. Chances are if you’re not comfortable using a piece of furniture, your guests won’t be either. Thankfully, most high-quality furniture is comfortable, but always remember to make sure you test the pieces before purchasing them.

And while comfort trumps style, it’s still an important part of creating an enjoyable environment in your restaurant. Be sure to stick to your style, and to make shopping a bit easier, be sure to have an idea beforehand. Choosing the right furniture can truly affect your restaurant, either by tying it all together, or giving it an unorganized look. The furniture should match the walls and also look appealing in the lighting you’ve chosen.


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Once you decide on the material, the shape is the next factor to consider. To get this right, you need to consider the size of your space and its capacity.

If your restaurant is relatively small, square tables are perfect. They can accommodate four people each, and you can place many of them in a confined space. If you have a lot of space that needs to be adequately used, go for the rectangular shape. This is very useful in big restaurants that are frequently visited by larger groups of people.

For those who would like to avoid sharp edges, the best shape is round. A smaller round top can be used by more people than a square one of the same size. Once again, if you want more people at the same table, but you also want to get rid of the edges, an oval shape will suit all your demands.

Moreover, nowadays, you can find tables that don’t belong to any of the mentioned categories. There are table tops featuring many unique shapes with an aim to make your restaurant furniture look more exclusive. In addition, you can easily get custom-made solutions and pick the size that best fits your restaurant space.


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Finally, before you purchase a tabletop, think about the overall style of your restaurant. Do you want it to be modern or retro? This is very important as different styles demand different types of restaurant furniture.

For a modern restaurant, square and round shapes are a good pick. They should preferably be of a smaller size and give out a minimalistic feel.

If, on the other hand, you prefer a retro style, maybe you should first watch a few movies set in the past, or ask an older member of your family to describe the restaurants popular at the time. One way or the other, you should probably choose wooden tabletops and stick to sharp edges whenever possible.

Maybe you want a traditional restaurant where a married couple could bring the whole family and celebrate their wedding anniversary? In that case, bigger table tops featuring oval or rectangular shapes may match your idea of the traditional style.

Rustic furniture can also look good if you combine it well with other pieces. Tabletops can play a significant role here, as they can be a great representation of the rustic style. For instance, you can turn a well-polished weird-shaped piece of wood into a unique tabletop that no other restaurant in town will be able to copy.

Last but not least, you can never go wrong with the contemporary style. After all, you don’t necessarily have to focus on tabletops. Instead, buy classic tops that will easily fit into any style, and you can easily change the overall look of your restaurant by replacing chairs, art, plants, and other details.