The pursuit of the greatest microphone is still ongoing. All of the manufacturers are competing in providing the best device that will significantly increase the experience of their customers. However, with such competition and many great devices, it might be hard for you to determine the right product.

When looking for a microphone, we all see the brand before we consider reading the specifications. That is because we all think that only the established companies have good mics. Well, that is not the case since there are many underrated but reliable microphone brands in the world.

We made this article with the purpose to show you some great microphone brands that you should consider. In this list, there will be some new, and some already established companies since all of them have products that will guarantee complete satisfaction.

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sE Electronics


As one of the newest established brands, sE Electronics has shown how to move past the etiquettes given on the market. When they started business at the beginning of this century, they were more of an affordable brand with products that are slightly above average.

However, the family-run business had fully developed and began manufacturing mics that are hand-made. With that, not only did they improve their design, but the quality of their microphones has become top-notch.

Right now, they have a variety of mics coming from different price ranges. They have some affordable pieces and some that are highly professional and expensive. Since their products are great for vocal recording in music, it is safe to say that you cannot go wrong with them.



This is the company everyone has heard about even the people who have no interest in audio equipment. It is one of the longest active companies with more than 90 years of experience. In the beginning, they began with manufacturing parts for radio devices, and they slowly built up their legacy.

This company is notorious for introducing high-quality products to both experts and people with audio hobbies. By selling high-quality microphones at a price that everyone can afford, not only did they beat up the competition, but they improved the experience of every user.

In addition, they have a variety of mic products so you will surely find something suitable. In case you need something practical, keep in mind that this is one of the greatest wireless microphone brands.

Besides microphones, they are involved in manufacturing almost all pieces of audio equipment. With that, you can easily pair your mic with headsets and have great satisfaction. With a wide variety of products, you can surely find the right mic for you without any problems.



Another already established brand that has grown in popularity over the years. A-T are one of the biggest manufacturers in the audio world with a lot of different products made. For example, they have been more focused on producing gramophones and headsets where they have gotten their popularity from.

Coming up with a microphone was one of the decisions that made their firm one of the most famous in the audio industry. With the introduction of the mic in the 90s, they began widening their market. Their mics are now used in every field, starting from musicians to streamers and gamers.

The A-T microphones come with the great built quality and are especially reliable. Their sensitivity and great frequency range make them suitable for every occasion which lets them handle every environment. That is why they are one of the most present pieces of equipment in most studios.



As an underrated brand, we must talk about SYNCO. They are one of the greatest Chinese microphone brands, and they can be shown with a wide variety of products at the highest quality possible.

They are highly versatile, and can be seen as to why are they a favorite to vloggers and other video creators. If you are doing interviews, or you need a mic that can be easily attached to your clothing, SYNCO is one of the better lapel microphone brands.

In addition, they are relatively affordable which makes them great competitors when they offer such high-quality mics. In case you are a beginner and you want to improve your audio quality, you simply cannot go wrong with SYNCO. However, with premium products, they are also great for advanced and professional creators who are looking for an upgrade.



Unlike most high end microphone brands from above that have various audio products on their offer, Blue has specialized in mics only. They are a relatively new company that has only started in the middle of the 90s. Although they were pretty new on the market, that wasn’t an obstacle to their success.

This microphone brand coming from Latvia produces one of the greatest mics in the world. With a great retro design, you simply can’t fall in love enough.

In addition, they produce mics that are being professionally used because of their specifications, as well as more affordable options for podcasts and gaming. With that, they have done what most companies struggle with, and that is satisfying both groups while still bringing the most quality possible.



Unlike all modern companies, Neumann has been an established brand for a long time now. As a reference, you can find a vintage mic from their roster to go for a price of multiple thousands of dollars. This is a great indicator of their quality, and you can see why they must be on this list.

The quality of their mics can be easily stated as top-notch, and it can be seen why the Neumann mics are used in every industry. Starting from news and broadcasts, to studio recordings this Deutschland brand is spread widely.

In addition, these microphones were used for most of the music albums in the 60s. However, their mics are now further developed, so if you are looking for a premium mic, you must take them into account.


With such a growing market, you will surely find quality microphone brands that are suitable for your needs. All you need is to research, and read their specifications. If you do not understand how the frequencies work, or what parameters you need to follow, it is better to just look at guides.

However, be sure to not cheap out and get something you will not be satisfied with. It is better to wait a bit to collect some funds and reward yourself with a great and reliable mic that will serve you long.

At last, a highly versatile and great functioning mic will help your work progress, which will bring even more satisfaction which is always beneficial.