The habits we have greatly determine our lifestyle. Therefore, it makes sense to encourage good habits and get rid of bad habits. Starting the New Year is the best time to adapt to your lifestyle.

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Have We Become Slaves Of Our Own Habits?

Our daily habits, both useful and those less good, become in many ways a flow of our life, along with our victories, defeats and general moods. In some way, we have become slaves to our habits, which have enormous power over us. The coming of the New Year is an imaginary boundary in our minds, that is associated with the renewal and the “transformation” of life. Perhaps the promises we made on New Year’s Eve are attempts to break free of bad habits and attract happiness.

Improve The Quality Of Life

Despite all the circumstances, life can be fulfilling. Our view of the world immeasurably affects its quality. With positive thoughts, we can change the whole reality. These are rules that truly happy people never give up, so accept them in 2024.

Personal Growth And Mental Health

1. Stop Worrying About Ageing

In today’s society, which is so obsessed with youth and beauty, it is not uncommon for people, and especially women, to create a negative attitude toward aging. It is almost as if years have stolen a person’s beauty. Beauty can never be lost, it just changes its shape – as personality changes with age and experience. After all, all honest and valuable relationships you cultivate with your loved ones are not based on appearance, but character, compatibility and love. So don’t think that the years will change anything in the hearts of those who care.

2. Learn To Say NO

Many people are in trouble because they cannot reject requests of their family, friends or even acquaintances. However, once you learn to say, “No!”, you will be happier and more satisfied because you will be in balance and will have much more time for yourself. Most people get stuck in their own emotions by “living someone else’s life”, because they just don’t know how to say, “No”. They think that if they refuse to make compromises to family members and friends then they turn out to be bad people, which is not true.


3. Spend No More Than 1 Hour A Day On Social Networks

If you pay too much attention to social networks, after the information that it can cause anxiety and depression, you may want to reduce the time you spend in the virtual world. Numerous studies have shown that people who use social networks for several hours a day – are three times more likely to have depression and anxiety. Including other factors that affect mental health issues such as social and love status, gender, race and finances, the conclusion is that we should reduce our stay on social networks for a shorter period.

4. Stop Complaining

Stop for a moment and think about how many times a day you complain about various things – on time, friends, family, your boss, slow internet, poor restaurant service, etc. The list is endless! You may think that there is nothing wrong with occasionally expressing frustration, but if it becomes a habit – constant complains will significantly impair your physical and mental health.

Over time, this model of behaviour will become a habit and if you are surrounded by negative people, chances are that you will become one of them. Today’s society complains too much in general, but more importantly, it is not effective and does not produce the desired results.

5. Interior Design

When choosing furniture, there is only one rule: Choose the one you like and the one that will make your living easygoing. Don’t just reach for furniture that appeals to you. It is especially important to get a comfortable mattress, as sleep quality is one of the most important factors that affect your good health and how well you feel at home. But where to find the highest quality and how to choose the right one?

When it comes to such things, we always suggest that you rely on the experiences of those who have already tried something new and good, such as this Sleeping Ninjas review. Right here you can find tips on how and where to get the most comfortable mattresses that will allow you a good and restful sleep. All of this is important for your physical and mental health as well as your better productivity throughout the day.


6. Walk For An Hour Each Day

There is no simpler and more beneficial physical activity than walking.

Speaking of why walking is so healthy, experts say it activates our locomotor system and has beneficial effects on the joints, tendons, ligaments, bones, and especially the muscles. As we walk, all our muscles work. The walk also benefits the cardiovascular system, lungs and the entire respiratory system. The walk is also recommended because the possibility of injuries is minimal, requiring no special weather conditions or equipment.

7. Do Not Consume Fast Food

Fast foods contain high amounts of carbohydrates, sugars, fats and sodium, and “empty calories”. These foods are high in calories and very poor in nutritional value. We love them though. Pizza, hamburgers, french fries and similar dishes will be the first choice for many of us when we’re hungry, and their availability at almost every step entices us to look no further. However, we should choose these types of meals less often, because consuming this caloric, but nutritionally poor foods can harm our health.


8. Stop Checking Email Every Couple Of Minutes

Despite knowing in some way that nothing new has arrived – some people have a habit of almost obsessively checking their email asking themselves, “What if my boss sent me a message that I didn’t see on time?” Unfortunately, the problem lies in the fact that this pattern of behaviour contributes to losing focus. So you better do one part of the job first, and then check to see if you’ve got any emails in the meantime.


9. Choose your company

Choose your company and socialize with people who make you feel good. People in your environment have a great influence on how you feel. If you hang out with those who make you feel good, make you laugh and keep you in a good mood – then you will be happier. And, to have such people in your environment – you need to be the same as well.