Most people completely dismiss sleeper sofas. If you don’t have overnight visitors often, spending the extra money on a sofa with a pull-out bed seems extravagant. But these expectations are truly outdated, and today’s sofa sleepers are much different than the hide-a-beds of old. Not only are today’s sofas with beds less expensive, but they are also lighter, take up less space, and are much more convenient to set up and manipulate.

It is also important to consider all of the ways you might find yourself using a sleeper sofa. Many people do not realize just how versatile a sofa sleeper makes a room until they have one of their own. You won’t be able to get a true understanding of the variety of sleeper sofas until you start browsing. Still not convinced you to need a sofa sleeper? Here are the top 10 things you can use your new sofa bed for.

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1. Slumber parties

No children? Slumber parties aren’t just for kids! Adult slumber parties can be great fun too! Whether or not you have kids, find your inner teenager, now old enough to have the keys to the liquor cabinet. Of course, you could have many other tamers, or racier, activities, whatever you and your friends will enjoy. Friends and relaxation are important.

2. Romantic Netflix and chill


Even if you and your partner have been together for many years, it is important to keep the spice alive. That means you have to have the occasional date night. When money is tight, a sleeper sofa and streaming television is a great way to have a date night in. This is also a great way to spend a stormy night or a cloudy day.

3. Family movie night

If you and your family like to have movie nights, where everyone gets to pick a movie, you can be sure that the smaller kids will be asleep well before the final, final credits. Having them start out on the sleeper means you don’t have to move them later. Turn the television to the channel with cartoons before you retire, and they will lay in the sofa bed and watch while you get to sleep in.

You might also consider modular sleeper sofas. Modular sofas allow you to manipulate the pieces and seats to create different configurations as needed, including an arrangement to become a bed. These are some of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can get, and you can find some examples of a sleeper sofa on 1StopBedrooms.

4. Out-of-town guests


Even if you don’t have friends and family staying with you often, you never know when the need might arise. If a family member has a health condition or there is another family emergency, being able to give a bed to one or more of your relatives could be important. Weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and other events can also bring out-of-town guests. When you can offer a solution in the midst of chaos, you’ll be the family hero.

5. Other spurs of the moment guests

Even your local friends and family may need to crash on occasion. They might have an argument with their spouse, need to be out of their home for maintenance or pest control, or simply have too much wine and not want to go home.

6. Arguments between partners


Every couple has arguments on occasion. Sometimes it is important to be able to separate for the night so that you can each gain perspective and discuss the issue calmly the next morning. A sofa sleeper paired with a storage ottoman or bench gives you an instant temporary bedroom for the night. You can also resort to this option in other situations in which you need some time to yourself.

7. Illness in a shared room

Any two people who share a room might need to be separated if one becomes ill and the other is not. While this has always been a good idea, it is a much more important consideration as the world still copes with Covid-19. If one person in a household is positive and the others are negative, the person with covid needs to be isolated from the rest. Every surface outside their room should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and anyone sharing a room with the ill person will need a place to sleep until the quarantine ends.

8. Adult game night, kids movie night


If you’ve been trying to find a way to spend time with your friends without the cost of a babysitter, a sofa sleeper is an answer you’ve been waiting for. As the adults play board games, card games, or video games, the children can be grouped together on the sleeper sofa. As children fall asleep where they lay, and there is plenty of room, you can leave them be and let them be picked up in the morning.

9. Perfect for house parties

If you like to host house parties, put a sofa sleeper in the common rooms, and perhaps even in bedrooms that have the space available. This way you can collect keys at the door, and there is plenty of room for people to sleep if they can’t get a ride home.

10. Airbnb


While travel plans may be on hold for now, it can be helpful to be optimistic. Eventually, vacations will resume, and when they do you might want to be ready to take advantage of them. If you have a home that you don’t use full time, you can rent it out on such a service. The more beds you can provide, the more you can charge.

You can also put a sleeper sofa into a spare bedroom that has exterior access and rent it to a college student or other young adult. It may also be possible to remodel your garage, loft, basement, or attic to rent out as a room as well, and a sofa sleeper would be best for this studio-style living.