A contributing factor to the rise of online casinos is that they offer exceptional packages for new and existing online players. There is no denying that there is already a wide variety of online casinos available to players all over the world. Setting these casinos apart is based on various factors including game variety, features, quality, speed and welcome packages.

One of the easiest ways to set themselves apart from the competition is through welcome packages, which can be viewed on this site and will be expanded upon in the following article.

Sign-Up Packages

Sign-Up Packages

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The reason behind signing up to new online casinos differs from person to person. Some prefer a certain game that is only available on one platform, others prefer the graphics visible on a different platform. However, one thing that rings true and has a large impact on online casino interest is the sign-up deal that is offered.

One of the ways that online casinos set themselves apart from their competitors and aim to attract new customers is through the sign-up packages they offer. New players can access certain deals or packages when signing up with new online casinos. These are often in the form of a kind of ‘matched investment’ and ‘free spins or tokens.’

The meaning behind matched investment refers to how online casinos typically offer a ‘percentage match’ to the online player’s investment. For example, a 100% match would mean that the online casino will replicate the exact amount of financial investment that the players paid. The free spins or tokens are additional means that are meant to attract a large amount of online punters. It’s a clever tactic to create hype and excitement around the process of signing up for an online site.

Loyalty Packages

There is nothing better than a repeat customer. Many businesses, across all kinds of industries aim to encourage loyalty within their customer base, including casinos.

This package is geared more toward players who have an existing relationship with a digital casino. Establishments reward their players with free spins, tokens or investments as a sign of gratitude for showing loyalty to the game. This will often be in the form of a player spending a certain amount of hours on a game, playing on a specific day or any arrangement the casino wishes to have.

It is the player’s responsibility to ensure that they are partaking in games in a quantity that is suitable for their daily lives and to not overdo playing. This is not the only way to receive a free package from an establishment, so if playing on specific days does not suit the individual’s routine, there are other ways that players can access a casino’s package deals.

Currency Type Packages

Currency Type Packages

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The world of cryptocurrencies is booming. With the creation of technologies such as blockchain keeping players’ private information and data more secure than ever surrounding their cryptocurrencies, it is no wonder that online casinos are also encouraging payment through cryptos.

Players are encouraged to make payments and process transactions using their cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Not only do cryptocurrencies offer a faster payment processing speed in comparison to debit or credit cards, they also charge a lower fee for each transaction.

Traditional banking methods often charge occasions a large sum to process each transaction. This is why casinos offer their players a package, usually in the form of free spins or tokens, if they make their payments using a cryptocurrency.

The act of this reduces the fees that online casinos pay and the value of the packages that they offer their players often pales in comparison to the traditional banking fees that they would have otherwise needed to pay. Happily resulting in a win-win situation for both the casino and player.