We see cars painted in hundreds of different shades on the roads. Of course, when choosing a car color, new owners take into account the brand and model of the vehicle. Often, current fashion trends play a role, but in any case, the color can say a lot about the owner’s personality as well as how they want to be perceived by others.

A number of factors play a role in the choice of car color, and the driver’s personal characteristics are one of the key ones. We offer a brief overview of the cars’ main colors and the personal characteristics of their owners associated with them. Our listing is based on the famous Pantone Color Institute’s research, which embodies many years of the world experience. Let’s dive into the topic and reveal all the details!

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General Tendencies in Choosing Car Color

Traditionally, bright and saturated colors (such as fiery red or canary yellow) are associated with people of a youthful spirit who are athletic but also exuberant sometimes. Subtle colors, such as bright green or dark blue-green, should tell others that they are dealing with an aesthetic person. Soft pastels or neutrals, in turn, show a balanced character, often based on luxury. Balanced, strong-willed people like dark shades.

According to many years of statistics from Europe’s largest used car dealer, the color palette of cars sold doesn’t change much over time, and auction cars only prove the rule. For example, ten years ago, the ratio of cars with and without metallic paints (metallic) was 66 percent to 34 percent in favor of metallic paints. The same ratio was maintained the previous year. The ratio has remained almost the same for a long time for the traditional colors of black, white, and silver. However, there is an increase of several percentage points in trendy colors today such as brown and burgundy, especially among female shoppers.

White, Black, and Silver

Source: forbes.com

People who choose white for their cars are especially fond of cleanliness and appearance. This color is selected by attentive people who are well aware that a white vehicle requires constant care for its appearance. The slightest dirt is visible on the white, which is incredibly annoying for lovers of snow-white paint, but they also love to take care of the car. Yes, white is hard to maintain, but that doesn’t bother its fans. They are proud of their car and love to demonstrate its absolute purity and perfection to the rest of the world.

Black cars are bought by those who want to feel and act like authorities in the world around them. After all, the vehicles of diplomats and statesmen are usually painted black. This color is often picked by young people who don’t see it as fashionable but as a means of expressing defiance of social conventions.

Silver is popular with those who want to look modern, timeless, and stylish, showing off their natural sense of elegance. Metallic silver is the car color of choice for people who want to showcase their prestige and excellence. After all, the sparkling metallic coloring quite obviously causes such impressions in others.

Shades of Red

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People who buy bright red cars are full of energy. They love the dynamic that comes from the color of their car. They crave the attention of others. Furthermore, they are happy if they manage to get it. Lovers of this color are full of vitality, strength, and self-confidence. Conversely, it is avoided by rather submissive people who are unsure of themselves.

Those who buy dark red cars are also full of energy. They certainly don’t neglect the attention of others. However, compared to lovers of bright red, they are more subtle in their mental organization and refined in their behavior. These people are strong and self-confident, but outwardly they are quite calm and majestic. Burgundy represents those who have already achieved their goals in life. They draw energy from within themselves, not through collisions with the outside world.

Orange and Yellow

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There aren’t many orange cars on the roads. Their owners don’t pay much attention to the opinions of others. They consider orange to be fashionable, and therefore, they count on the fact that they’ll not escape the attention of others for some reason. The color is dynamic but not as aggressive as the harsh red. On the contrary, he shines with friendliness and a willingness to help.

Yellow is the color chosen by people with a sunny disposition who are friendly and have a youthful nature. This shade consistently reflects the good and optimistic mood of the driver. Orange cars are also well-visible and therefore safe in traffic.

Shades of Green

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As a rule, light green car owners are full of vitality, are spontaneous, and love to express their belonging to current fashion trends. However, like the drivers of the orange cars, they are capricious and don’t buy a bright green car for a long time. If they like another color that matches their restless nature, they won’t think twice.

Dark green is considered one of the most traditional and balanced colors, which also requires subtlety and selectivity. This isn’t surprising because dark green is created by combining thoughtful blue and cheerful yellow. In addition, it may be a signal that the owner understands the environmental problems of the planet. Generally, people always perceive green as a positive color.

Shades of Blue

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All shades of blue are very popular all over the world. The bright blue color shows the reliable and trustworthy character of its owner. Lovers of this shade don’t like to exaggerate. They honor friendship but within reasonable limits. This color conjures up images of an azure blue sky. It also symbolizes carefree optimism, silence, and the desire to merge with the endless blue ocean.

Confident people who aren’t afraid to show off their confidence in public tend to go for darker shades of blue. These people have a greater need for rest, both physical and mental, than others. The color is close to that of those who feel inner harmony and satisfaction with their involvement in society. People who like to dress in dark blue clothes are also very sensitive and thoughtful, with a strong desire for deep aesthetic experiences.

In the End

There is a great choice of car shades offered. In addition to the main palette, automakers offer dozens of other colors to help personalize the look of their products in accordance with the wishes of buyers. Different colors appeal to both men and women. It also depends on their personalities, which we’ve revealed in the article.