Whether you are just starting to dabble in cryptocurrency or have been buying and selling for a while, you’ve no doubt noticed that the world of cryptocurrency can be a bit of a gamble. Even though buying and selling currencies on exchanges will always involve some risk, there are some options available on the market that are backed by stable products.

This makes their fluctuations more predictable, which gives you a better chance of profiting when trading. In this article, we talk about some of these currencies and the factors that inspire confidence in them.

The truth is not all cryptocurrencies enter the digital currency exchange (DCE) and do well. Their success largely depends on what backing they have and how much potential currency has to become practical to its holders. Of the over 2000 cryptocurrencies that exist on the market today, ME Token was listed among the top 20 recently on Aicoin.com and caught our eye. The token was first listed on the CoinAll exchange earlier this year and has made significant strides since. ME Token is a great example of how proper backing and token functionality contribute to a currency’s success.


What is ME Token?

ME Token (otherwise referred to as ALL.ME Token or ME) is the internal cryptocurrency on the all.me digital network. Whereas some big-name social networks have just recently launched a cryptocurrency of their own, all.me was ahead of the game. Instead of being a social network or e-commerce platform and adding crypto on as an afterthought, all.me founders created ME Token and then built an entire ecosystem around it. ME has always been an integral part of the network’s foundation – hence the name: all.me.

All.me is composed of three main parts:

  • me’s meNetwork is a new-generation social platform that rewards active users with ME Token based on their social activity.
  • meMarket is a marketplace that allows users to buy and sell products from each other (C2C) as well as directly from international brands (B2C).
  • mePay is a FinTech solution that combines blockchain technology, digital assets (ME Token), electronic money, as well as classic payment services. With the internal billing system, transfers can be performed instantly without commissions within the network. These are all factors that contribute to the token’s high demand.

As of today, ME can be exchanged for BTC and USDT. BTC is, of course, the most recognizable cryptocurrency. Since USDT is connected to a fiat currency (USD), it is regarded as one of the more stable cryptocurrencies. This makes the ME Token easier and more profitable to trade for those token holders who are looking to sell.


ME Token Growth

The token price upon entering the market was $ 0.014 and has now increased to $0.18. ME From these stats, we can clearly see that in a short matter of months, ME Token price increased by over 1400% and it is estimated to grow further. As more people begin to interact with ME, the more relevant it becomes.

On meNetwork, users can earn up to 50% of ad-generated revenue.  From here, they can store their money and do with it whatever they wish. With the internal billing system user can perform transactions instantly and connect to their wallet.

For those looking to trade, another important fact worth mentioning is ME’s limited emission status. This means ME is impossible to mine. There is only a set number of tokens that can be bought and sold. Therefore, there is no risk of the market being flooded and the currency subsequently depreciating.  Moreover, ME Token are fully backed by liquidity. The presales were successful and reached the soft cap level within 24 hours.