If you could use just one marketing tool, what would you choose? Choosing one can be difficult as some are designed to attract customers, some to keep them, others to help in sales, and some to study the target audience. But webinar is one of the few Internet marketing tools that allow you to communicate in real time with your audience and help you achieve several goals at once.

Unlike the so-called webcast (web + broadcast, broadcasting via web), the webinar (web + seminar) is an interactive technology. Their listeners do not just heed what the speaker says and shows, but they can also ask him questions orally or in writing directly along the way as if they were physically present in the room where the event is being held.


The speaker also sees all the participants and can address the question to all at once or to any of them.Many Software-as-a-Service (or SaaS) companies like Hubstaff, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, Dropbox, Shopify, etc. rely on web seminars to market their products. We have listed 7 reasons why 2024 is going to be the year of the webinar.

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Installing software or an application on mobile or laptop may scare some of the participants. And, for sure, you don’t want to scare your potential clients. This is absolutely why 2024 will be on the side of those who use this service to demonstrate their products. Such services do not require an installation of software – everything can work from the browser.



Let’s face it – not everyone likes to read long, faceless and monotonous articles that look like advertisements.Online seminars give you an opportunity to share information about the product with the audience. Likewise, it is also an opportunity for potential customers to inquire about the product. Since these seminars are interactive, more information about the product is exchanged in less time.


Promotes BrandTrust

Web tools can be the best step taken to grow your business. It helps to promote your brand among the audience in the most effective way. Through online meetings, you have the opportunity to create a certain impression among the listeners and to form a positive attitude towards your company. Regular web seminars will make your brand more recognizable.It will also help the audience to become more familiar with the company and its employees. As a result, they trust the company more.


Webinars Sell

It is a powerful sales tool. Web conferences and seminars, allows you to contact one person several times: during the invitation to the seminar, its registration, in reminder letters, at the meeting itself and after the meeting. By the beginning of the event, potential customers already know a little about you, which is great. Then they see you “face-to-face”, and it is much easier for them to decide to buy. Through this, you increase sales without selling. Most of these seminars are lead generation tools that provide free and valuable information so that participants understand the need to switch to paid products or services offered by a company.


Informs You About Your Target Audience

It allows you to thoroughly examine the target audience. During the broadcast, you can understand the problems and needs of the participants. As a result, you can create more effective advertising campaigns and interesting offers. During the broadcast, you can also ask a lot of questions and be attentive to the responses of the audience as it works as a survey. This will help you assess whether they like your content, offer, or even the way they feed the material. Although time-consuming, such an analysis will make your next webinar more successful.


Effective Teacher

One of the main reasons why companies are starting to conduct web seminars is its ability to effectively train staff. Articles and books can only verbally describe, but cannot graphically depict complex processes.Web seminars and discussions work charm in such cases. If you are offering equipment or items that require a large number of different steps to apply, then a webinar is a great way to make a visual aid out of the usual instructions.


Increases Your Credibility

Webinars are a great way to win the trust of your audience. The more and better you conduct seminars and pieces of training online, the more people will learn about you or your company. You can somehow advertise the product and service, eloquently describing the benefits. But customers, before they pay, must trust you. At such a seminar, you can give the listener at least a small, but real problem-solving demonstration. This will help emphasize your professionalism and competence, and also increases your credibility.


Nowadays, online marketing conferences are increasingly used for the promotion of product and brand. Many companies have come to the conclusion that online seminars are much more efficient to train and help their customers than traditional tools. It can help motivate participants to buy goods and services. And since people are getting used to the innovation, these online tools are going to be the deciding factor of the growth of business in the future.